Sunday, July 28, 2013

Still here - still moving down the scale

Alright, alright, alright. I know I've been a terrible blog member and haven't posted in over a month. How shameful of me!

But, I didn't fall off the wagon or the earth and I am most definitely still making progress.

Mind you, in 5 weeks, it hasn't been tremendous progress, but I have to include a vacation and subsequent weeks of losing the gained vacation weight. So overall, I am pleased with where I am today.

For 07/27/13 weigh in: 257.8! Total loss since last blog: 5.2 lbs! Total overall loss: 31.2 lbs!

That's a success in my book. Like I said, the husband and I went on a quick (much needed!) vacation a few weeks ago. I gained about 6-7 lbs during that time. For the following week, it seemed to begin dropping quickly, but then I had lots of Dr. appointments and most notably oral surgery. I have since recovered from that as well.

This past week was my biggest drop recently with almost 3.2 lbs. And since our vacation, I haven't exercised at all. Plus, I have not been as laser focused about my eating as before vacation. I have still kept on track and within my points, but I've splurged a few times and I haven't been making sure when I eat certain things (like carbs/proteins, etc.)

So, I am still a little surprised that I had a decent drop this week. And all this plus the fact that I have NOT exercised a lick. Not even a neighborhood walk.

Go me.

I'd love to post measurements, but when I did them yesterday, I'm not sure if they are accurate. I don't know if they fluctuate after a day of eating or not (probably not, but still). I will make sure to have new measurements for the next Sat. weigh in.

Bottom line: I'm still here!


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