Saturday, June 22, 2013

It Isn't a Fluke

My lovely weight loss last week wasn't a fluke! I am so happy!! I managed to lose another 3.2 lbs. Phew. Honestly I do worry sometimes that I'll go back to just a 1 lb or 1.5 lbs loss a week. I don't even know how I could push through that. Because it would just simply take me forever to lose 140 lbs at 1/1.5 a week. Good Gosh.

Another 3.2 lbs lost really helps me out. It fuels my motivation. I feel that the combination I have figured out is actually working this time. I had begun to realize that my weight loss is like a puzzle. And I have to find the right pieces to fit together to to make the puzzle whole and really work.

Puzzle pieces:
  • Diet - a.k.a. Eating plan
  • Exercise - not just the act but what exercising I'm doing (and how long each week)
  • Supplements - not diet pills, but they are essential nutrients from oils, etc that my body is missing
  • Grass Shake - this I believe has been key to helping me achieve my Freggie servings each day
  • Protein Shake - I also think it is good for me to drink at least one a day, right now it is a Metabolism Reset shake that should be helping to get my metabolism on the right track
I have had to keep telling myself that if I have a crappy week in weight loss that maybe I still should be figuring out one of the puzzle pieces. I have not just changed what I'm eating but when I'm eating during the day too.

Maybe that was the catalyst? Plus I have been swimming for an hour each morning (5 days a week). Good that be it as well?

Not to mention the grass shake, supplement and Metabolic Reset shake are finally starting to work. Sometimes it takes a week or so for new things to settle into your body and show progress.

Here's hoping.

Now the goal is to just keep going forward with this. During the next week, hubby and I will be taking a short trip. I am SO looking forward to this much needed quick get away. But this means that while we won't be going hog wild with our eating - We do plan to enjoy ourselves. So next Saturday's weigh in will most likely not be so good. My goal is to just maintain. To not gain any weight. If I could do that, I will be happy. I'd hate to undo all my hard work with 3 days of fun.

Weight: 263 (Total weekly loss of 3.2 lbs!!)
Inches - 3 inches lost overall!
  • Neck - 15.5
  • Arms - 16
  • Wrist - 6.5
  • Chest - 40.5
  • Upper Waist (spare tire) - 51.5
  • Waist (belly button) - 48
  • Hips - 57
  • Thigh - 30
  • Calf - 18

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