Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No loss, No gain


Weight: 248.4 lbs (+.2 lbs)

Well meh. I really didn't do much of anything this week according to the scale, eh? Weird too. I felt pretty good about my week, did much more exercising than normal - simply because I wanted to. I actually ended up doing a 'power walk' on Sunday, because I felt like it. 

It was a 2 mile, 32 minute walk. Which means my pace was around 16 min per mile. That's pretty fast for me. 

So yeah, I was expecting a slight loss. I figured I'd lose a lb. Am I a little disappointed at the scale? Sure. But, I also realize I have to account for my indulgences throughout the week. That even if I am accounting for them through exercise (gaining back points to consume), maybe I've miscalculated. 

Oh well.

One thing that is still pushing me is that Husband has still lost 50 lbs (he actually lost another 3 lbs this week *grimace). He's not gaining it back. So, in order for ME to not feel like the fat cow wife, I have to keep going forward. I have to keep losing until I hit my goal. 

I want to believe this time that alone will push me through these meh weeks. 

Despite the meh on the scale, husband and I did enjoy our splurge day. We actually ended up walking around quite a bit, since we hit the mall twice. And in looking around I found a new activity tracker I decided to get.


Oh, how cute is this thing. I am so excited about it! I used to have a bodybugg (still have it around here somewhere) and it was nice, but.... Fitbit seems better suited for me. Plus, I know it won't 'hurt' my arm. I ended up with the Fitbit Flex, since I don't need the clock feature of the Force. I will have to write about it another day after I get it all situated. 

Goal for this week is to push through the non-loss of last week. Also, to keep up with my daily exercise plan (so far, so good!). I may decide to add 1 night of intense workout a week. I haven't fully decided yet, but I'm thinking of a TurboFire workout (which I miss). Once a week for now might be a nice little boost.


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