Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Very Successful Weigh In


Weight: 248.2 lbs (-4.2 lbs!)

I did it! I managed to lose the weight I gained last week and then some! Just goes to show me that if I do stay focused and stick to my weekly plan then I can achieve success. Yahoo!

 I made sure that each day I did my as planned exercise. I enjoyed the walking I did each day. I would sometimes use the points I gained from exercising to allow myself a few extra snacks. Some days, however, I did not. I tried not to eat too far under my daily allotted points, because I know that under-eating can hurt you just as well.

My focus was on POINT this past week. Sunday I dragged encouraged Husband to go with me on a 5K walk around a local park (it has a full 5K path with markers). The weather was so nice. It was a great day for it. We both truly had a great time. I'm so happy he's coming on board for walking more. Such a good impact for me.

Splurge/Free day this week was awesome. I feel like I'm getting past the point of have-to-have cravings each week. It's almost comical on Free day for us to figure out what we want. We are getting to the point of almost shrugging through it. Don't get me wrong, we do enjoy our free day. But we just aren't gorging like we used to.

And that's a great thing.

This week, I'm feeling almost over-confident again. This can happen when I've had a good weight loss week, or I have some excuse (monthly crap week for a woman) to use to try to eat junk I know I shouldn't.

I sorta let that happen Tuesday. I snuck some sweet junk food that I didn't need, just because. Almost even planned for crap eating on Wednesday. Then I started visualizing the 239 on the scale. Realized that if I don't watch it, I'm going to fall in to my trap again. I really want to see 239. I really want to be down another pants size.

So today, I'm trying very hard to pull my reins back. I know that I am bigger than my cravings/excuses. I know I can finally hit 239 and keep going. I know I can be down another pants size soon. I know I will succeed.


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