Sunday, May 26, 2013

HellOOOO Resistance Band!

I'm feelin' really good today. High mood, high energy. Just Happy in general. 

Goals for the week:
  • Lose 5 lbs - ending weight of 267.4 lbs (or lower!)
  • Lose 1 inch overall
  • Do NOT give in to cravings during days off
  • During birthday lunch for dad - keep within my points for the day (05/27/13)
  • Eat 3 salads during the week
Water: 8 glasses
Workout: Sculpt 30
  • Breakfast - Slim Fast Shake - 4 pts
  • Lunch - Salad - 4 pts (1 for the week!)
  • Dinner - Lean Cuisine Pizza (lil' extra cheese) and Ranch - 13 pts
  • Snacks - Chocolate Almond milk, PudgeFree brownie, 1/2 Sugar/Cinnamon Muffin - 9 pts
Total pts: 30

I'd like to start a new week off with goals in mind. I enjoy finishing my week with a cheat day. Nice full circle type of feeling.

So, I won't be recording my weight or even inches. I plan to do that Saturday mornings (before I go crazy on the eating!). Plus, Saturday should also be my "rest" day for workouts, although it seems like now that its summer time, that will be the day to do yard work. While I won't be doing a traditional TurboFire workout, I will most definitely burn calories pushing that mower around. 

I've also got to add that yesterday our neighbors mentioned that Hubby looks like he's lost some weight. They can tell. *sad face* Yes, he has. In fact, Hubby has lost about 23 lbs so far. *throws confetti* Great for him. And he's only got about 25 lbs more to go. *throws more confetti* But for me, I've got so much left to lose. And even though I've lost 16 lbs at this point, on me it doesn't make much of a difference. Heck, my clothes aren't feeling that loose just yet. 

So, that is motivation for me to kick in my workout today. 

This morning I got out of bed about 1 hour later than planned, which is ok. As long as I have time before my shift to get my workout in - I'm good.

Todays workout was Sculpt 30 which used the Resistance Band. Wooooo-Weee! 

That was a workout!

It's always amazing to me how a tube of rubber could cause so much resistance! I really like the resistance band and am looking forward to seeing the results in my toned muscles.

I loved/hated feeling my arms shake during my reps. Or after. Or when stretching. ROFL

No, it's really a good thing. Means that I'm doing some challenging work with those muscles. And that's awesome. 

Oh - I do need to note one thing. The past 2 days areas of my neck have felt sore. Like, under my chin area. So weird! I thought maybe I stretched it too far or something. Then, while doing my sculpt workout, Chalene reminded the ladies to not flex their necks and keep them relaxed. Aha! I've got to remember to keep my neck relaxed so I don't pull muscles in it while doing arm/shoulder exercises. That must be it.

Because we all know this wouldn't look very sexy (on a woman): 


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