Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Monday

"Bless those who serve our country in some capacity. May we honor you this day."

Well, I was able to hit at least one goal of mine for the week today. I managed to get through my dad's birthday lunch at a steakhouse without going crazy. Hubby and I tried to check the nutritional value of this restaurant, but they haven't posted it at all! Apparently even though the Federal Government has passed a law about posting Nutritional Information, it doesn't have a date on when a restaurant is required to do it by. 

So, we guess as best as we could. Hubby got the healthy version grilled chicken. I opted for the grilled chicken salad. I went easy on the dressing. It wasn't a bad salad and the chicken was really good. I also managed to stay away from the delectable, hot and buttery rolls available to everyone at the table. Color me surprised.

I started the day out at a decent hour and managed to make it through a Fire 30 class with TurboFire. I certainly didn't look like the class does on the video, but I hefted my fat girl 272 lbs around and sweated buckets. I did have to pause for an extra minute after the fire drills (1 minute of super intense cardio), but I did finish the workout! 

I really enjoyed lunch with my family. My grandpa is goofy as ever and it was odd to be celebrating my dad's 60th birthday. I told him he doesn't feel 60 to me. He liked that. LOL

We stopped by the cemetery to honor those who have gone before us. Even though it may be considered a sad thing, it is also very poignant to see all the flags flying across the fields.

After we got home from lunch I was feeling tired and not-so-good (a.k.a. women-ly ick) so I laid down with Hubby for a nap. I think another 3 hours of zzzzzz's helped, since now I am feeling some energy again.

I've got the next 2 days off still (YAY!) and besides my workouts, I would like to get some house work done. So there will be other ways of burning calories. I really need to hit my 5 lbs loss this week. I think I need it more for mental motivation than anything else.

Water: 8 glasses
Workout: Fire 30
  • Breakfast - Slim Fast Shake - 4 pts
  • Lunch - Wood Grilled Chicken Salad - 8 pts (2 for the week!)
  • Dinner - Baked Fries, Homemade Nachos (w/Baked Tostitos - 12 pts)
  • Snacks - Chocolate Almond milk, PudgeFree brownie, Chips (Baked)/Salsa  - 6 pts
Total pts: 30


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