Friday, May 24, 2013

I despairingly increased my highest weight ever

At one time in my life, my highest weight ever was 232 lbs. I have a picture from that time and boy, do I think I looked hideous.

Then, over the years (and yo-yo weight) my highest weigh ever made it to 264 lbs. At this point, although I felt terrible, the picture I have of that time isn't too bad. Better make-up, lighting, clothes? Who knows. Of course, the picture is only a head shot. That could be it. ;-)

The unthinkable happened. I swore to myself that I would never see, nor go higher than 264 lbs. Ha ha hahahahahahaha. Right D. Right.

Now, I would KILL to see 264 lbs. Actually, my biggest kill-to-see goal is 232 lbs. Cray cray. Just cray cray.

My highest weight ever - 289 lbs. *gasp* {look of sheer horror} Yep, that's right. A mere 11 lbs away from the big 'ol 3 bills. Insane in the brain.

What?! Almost 300 lbs! (and yes, I had to acknowledge that) How in the bloody HELL did I get *here! Wait, maybe the scale is broken. No. Maybe the batteries are failing. No. Am I going blind? Did my Lasek finally give up?! No. 

My dress size was all the confirmation I needed. I was up to a size 26 at this point and starting to squeak out of that. Egads. I had to do something.

So, fortunately, I had a major job change. I now work from home! Yay! This will be my saving grace. I no longer will easily be able to head to a fast-food joint for lunch. Not just saving money, but precious calories too. And, I will dwindle down my available excuses for not being able to work out AT HOME. Because, HELLO - I will be at home. ;-)

Thank the Lord - as of today, I am down 16.2 lbs. I am weighing in at an inspiring 272.8 lbs. Plus, I now have workout/diet buddies (husband and long-distance friend) and a major goal set in mind for less than 8 weeks from now. 


Diet: Husband and I have started on a loose version of the Weight Watcher points, mainly to help keep us in line with eating throughout the week. We use Saturday's as our "cheat day" and get all our cravings in.

Currently my points value (not plus system) are 30 a day.

Exercise (groan): I have restarted the TurboFire schedule. It is a very high intense, super fun cardio that I know will work for me. And I enjoy doing it. AND it has it's own defined 9 week plan (no thinking on my part is a good thing). There are so many variations of workout, cardio, yoga, strength, etc that it keeps me on my toes.
Also, I will be incorporating walks and our WaterRower. Go. Me.


Motivation/Goal #1 - Be at 240 lbs by July 15th, 2013. This is for our possible family summer trip, where Husband and I hope to be able to ZipLine. I have to be under 250 lbs in order to do it, so I figured at 240 lbs I would feel comfortable enough to go.

Motivation/Goal #2 - Working at home and my new schedule allow me FREEDOM to eat at home (a.k.a. healthier) and work out in the mornings when no one is around/awake. So I can get crazy with my bad self, sweaty and panting on the floor. This is a good thing.

Motivation/Goal #3 - Husband is wanting to lose weight too. Albeit, he only has like 25 lbs more to go *grumpy cat face* and already weighs about 20 lbs less than I do. That is not a good feeling for me. Weighing more than my husband (and I am only 5'4!) is not fun. 
But, he loves me as I am no matter and wants to see me succeed as well. He knows I'm unhappy at this weight. So, we are eating healthier together and I even managed to get him out on a walk around our neighborhood recently. 

And now, I am at the end of the ridiculous entry, much longer than I anticipated and I haven't even gotten to my 'stats yet. Oy vey.

Here is what I plan to post each day/week to keep myself accountable: 

Weight: 272.8 (then weekly beginning on 05/25/13)
Water: 8 glasses
Workout: 30 minute 1 mile walk through neighborhood
  • Breakfast - Slim fast shake (high protein) w/skim milk: 4 pts
  • Lunch - Subway Turkey sandwich (slight bit of Ranch): 10.5 pts
  • Dinner - Baked fries - 4 pts
  • Snacks - Almond Chocolate Milk ( 8 oz): 2 pts, PudgeFree brownie: 2pts
     Total pts: 22.5

Inches (weekly from 05/21/13)
  • Neck - 16
  • Arms - 16.5
  • Wrist - 6.5
  • Chest - 41.5
  • Upper Waist (spare tire) - 55
  • Waist (belly button) - 50
  • Hips - 59
  • Thigh - 31.5
  • Calf - 18.5

I loved walking with hubby and pugs today through the neighborhood. Weather lately has been rainy/stormy and today it was so nice. I managed to get us to a mile, although not as quick as I'd have liked. But, with the pugs, it's hard to power walk. *grin
I hope to convince Hubby to go on these walks once a week. I think it's very beneficial to a couple to do some workouts together. It will help keep us both motivated and it's great bonus time for us as a couple. Plus, the pugs LOVED it. 


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