Sunday, May 26, 2013

Love my cheat day!

Weight: 272.4 lb
  • yummy buttered movie popcorn
  • Smoked mozzarella fonduta
  • Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Bread sticks
  • Peach Tea
  • Cheeseburger, fries, dt. Coke
  • Single Brownie fudge sundae (OM nom nom nom nom)
Workout: 1 hour of push mower

This is the one day a week hubby and I are allowing ourselves to blow the diet (so to speak). It's a chance for us to get in our cravings for the week. We went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness at our local movie theater. Great movie, by the way! But, when we go to the theater, I always must get buttered theater popcorn. ALWAYS.

Of course, I'd bury my face in the bag if I didn't feel like that could possibly draw unwanted attention to myself. LOL

So, we ended up with a Medium size bag and a Dt. Coke. Oddly enough I was fine with just the medium. Hubby had a handful of popcorn. Let me be clear that usually I could down a large popcorn and be happy as a clam. We noticed that at the last movie we went to a few weeks ago, I still had about 1/2 the bag left. 

Progress? Possibly. I'll take it!

Then, we headed to Olive Garden and I just had to fill myself up with lots of cream and cheese. Wanted to make sure that the fiber I'd been trying to get in during the week had something to play with! LOL

And even though the weekend days are supposed to be no workout days (or have been) I convinced Hubby that we really needed to work on our front yard. It was desperate to be mowed. And let me tell you, we have a HUGE front corner lot yard. So, while Hubby edged and weed-eated, I push mowed and bagged the front yard. It takes about 1 hour. Great calorie burner. 

We then ended up hanging with our neighbors, I tried hummus (whoa!), it was decent. And for our "dinner" we ran to Braums to get a burger/fry combo. We both also added a single sundae for our sweet treat of the day. 

All in all, not too bad. I hope that in the long run, I won't feel the need to have a cheat day once a week. Maybe over time switch to every two weeks or just once a month. 

But for now - I LOVE my cheat days. 


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