Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Week, New Plan

Yesterdays weigh-in was another blah, blah feeling. I only lost 1.4 lbs. Granted I finally came in under 270 (SWEET!), but I'm still annoyed that my effort does not seem to be showing in my progress each week on the scale or even in inches. I did manage to lose 1.5 inches overall after a week, that's probably on par. But I really think my body is resisting big time.

It has really made me wonder if my body's metabolism is severely screwed up. I've been doing lots of research lately about different ways to go about this to try and ramp up my fat burning efforts. I found two articles in the Woman's World magazine talking about ways to help melt serious fat. 

One article talked about using Whey Protein shakes throughout the day (they have recipes for add-ins to make it more like a smoothie) with ideas on smaller lighter meals. The shakes provide the majority of nutrition your body needs and along with the suggestions they have to fill out the shakes, thus making them more filling, you don't feel like you are missing food or hungry during the day.

The suggestion was to use lower calorie Whey Protein powder, which has always been a concern of mine and why I haven't tried protein shakes before. I thought they were only for serious athletes that are already burning an insane amount of calories. I didn't even think about low cal alternatives for normal people like me. Apparently Biggest Loser has a brand that tastes really good and is only 60 calories. Now, I've just got to find it. LOL

The other article was actually an interview with Danni Allen, the latest winner of Biggest Loser. They even got advice from Jillian for this article on how she structured Danni's diet plan. THIS article had amazing information that I can't wait to try. They talked about how Danni focused the majority of her daily calories on a huge (and I mean HUGE) breakfast, then ate super light for lunch and dinner. Not only that, but reducing her carb intake after 3 pm! Whoa! 

(keep in mind that the workouts do help, but both Jillian and Danni said that 80% of her success was her diet plan)

Plus, she added this great drink in the morning that was a mix from Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood which is packed full with organic nutrients. O.M.G. This stuff is no joke. As I continued to read this article, I got really excited. I started pondering that maybe my current plan is ok for a 1.5 lb a week loss, so I'm doing good on the amount of calories I'm taking in, but maybe I need to change up when I consume the most calories throughout the day. And according to Danni and Jillian - it worked superb for her and the rest of the biggest losers!

So husband and I got up early this morning and headed over to Whole Foods to look for this Amazing Grass drink. They actually had a sample of the Goji/Acai flavor. It looks gross (like a grass mixed drink), but the taste was AWESOME! It tasted so good! I bought a canister of the chocolate blend, while husband bought some of the single packs of other flavors to try. 

SO EXCITED! And I already drank a glass of my chocolate flavor - not bad at all! I blended it with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. I think I'm going to switch to Sweetened and maybe blend it in the blender for a smoother texture. Plus, I might add in a banana and some ice. I CAN'T WAIT!

Water: 10 glasses
Workout: None 
Supplements: EvoLean (3), Censor (4), Daily Vitamin (2)
  • Breakfast - Amazing Grass Drink w Unsweetened Almond Milk (10 oz), Plain bagel thin with 1 tbsp Brummel & Brown Butter - 3 pts
  • Lunch - PB & J - 7 pts
  • Dinner - Smart Ones Lasagna - 6 pts
  • Snacks - Snack Popcorn, WW Choc Mini Cake (2), Green Grapes (1/2 C) - 5 pts
Total pts: 21

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