Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fell off the Wagon, but I'm doing ok

Weight: 271.2 (Total weekly loss of 1.6 lbs)
Water: 8 glasses
  • Neck - 16
  • Arms - 16
  • Wrist - 6.5
  • Chest - 41.5
  • Upper Waist (spare tire) - 53
  • Waist (belly button) - 48
  • Hips - 58
  • Thigh - 31
  • Calf - 18
Total Loss overall since 05/21/13: 6.5 inches

Color me surprised! I'm a little shocked that I've lost 6.5 inches overall in just 10 days. WOW.

Especially considering that I haven't worked out since really Wednesday and even then, I sort of lost my steam with TurboFire for the week.

Sheesh. I believe this might be the motivation I need to get back on my horse tomorrow.

Despite my blah feelings the past few days, I did manage to get in a basic walk. It wasn't that long, don't even think I made it a mile and probably lasted about 16 minutes. I really just wanted to get out and get some air. I think it helped. Sometimes I just feel shut in or closed in and I need the open air. Granted, it wasn't a great as the country side, considering our boxed in neighborhood, but it was the best I could hope for. 

Now, on to restarting my journey tomorrow.


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