Monday, June 10, 2013

Water Aerobics

Our pool is ready! YAY!

This morning I really struggled with getting up to swim or not. Don't know why, because last night I could barely contain my excitement. Husband and I have been working on the pool for a few days, getting it ready to swim. We still have a few things to do, but it is at least in the condition where you can get in and splash around. 

I finally grumbled my way out of bed (1 hour later than I planned) and put on my swimsuit. Plus shorts. Plus a t-shirt.

This is what I swim in. Yes, I know.

I trek outside and test the water with my hand. BRRRR! But I am determined.

Since our steps are sitting in the middle of the pool, I'm going to have to just jump in, none of this ease myself down nonsense. So I stick my feet in (BRRR!), then talk myself out/in to finally stop wussing out and jumping down in the pool.


Then it got soooo much better. 

Once my body adjusted, the temperature of the water was fine. I got the steps put in place so I'd be able to get out and began scrubbing the pool wall. After doing that for a bit, plus getting more floating debris, I decided it was time for my water aerobics. I had researched different exercises to do the last few days, so I had those in my head for what I wanted.

I managed to bang out 30 minutes of water time. I just kept on moving. I did laps around the pool 'running', I used my noodle as a kick board of sorts and kicked laps. I also used my new hand web gloves to do different arm exercises. I LOVED IT. 

My goal is to get in the pool every day that weather/schedule will allow me. It was great for my joints and I knew it was helping me to tone up nicely. 


Water: 8 glasses
Workout: 30 min Water Aerobics
Supplements: EvoLean (3), Censor (4), Daily Vitamin (2)
  • Breakfast - Amazing Grass Drink w Unsweetened Almond Milk (10 oz), 1 slice Wheat Bread with 2 tbsp Almond Butter - 5 pts
  • Lunch - Turkey Sandwich - 6 pts
  • Dinner - Fries and Tortilla Shells - 12 pts
  • Snacks - Whey Protein Shake, Popcorn Rice Cakes  - 4 pts
Total pts: 27

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