Monday, June 3, 2013


As I said yesterday, I was planning to "reboot" today. I 'sort of' fell off the wagon for about 2 days, not that big of a deal, but I recognized that it happened and made a deal with myself to get back to it on Sunday.

So, this morning I got up (later than I planned) with enough time to go for a walk. I wanted to walk, the weather has been nice after all our storms, so it has felt really good to get out of the house and stretch my legs.

I headed out just after 10 am and decided to just walk where I felt like walking and at a pace I felt comfortable at. I didn't want to push myself or make this walk feel like work. Sometimes, I think we need that in a workout. To not feel like we have to push ourselves. There are times when we do, but I believe that I needed to enjoy the walk after my crappy last week.

It was a really nice walk. The temperature couldn't have been better. The sky was beautiful,  birds were chirping and some of my neighbors were out in their yards. So I just be-bopped along with my music in. Walking always helps to clear my head. And I kept walking until I felt like circling back. I managed to make it a mile in about 20 minutes. That's pretty good for leisure walking.

By the time I got home, I had walked 1.31 miles and in 27 minutes. My pace usually slows after the initial mile, which is fine. I felt really good getting that walk in. Now, on to work and the rest of my day.

Water: 8 glasses
Workout: Walk (20 min pace), 1.31 miles (total of 27 minutes)
  • Breakfast - Slim Fast Shake - 4 pts
  • Lunch - Lean Cuisine Pizza - 7 pts, Ranch - 2 pts
  • Dinner - Brownie - 4 pts
  • Snacks - Canteloupe (2 pts), Cracker Chips (2 pts),  Brownie (2 pts)
Total pts: 23

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