Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saturday fun

Today was another cheat day. WEEEE! I always look forward to these days. I will say that my 'cravings' are getting better throughout the week, but Saturday still holds this nice feeling of not worrying at all about trying to calculate or figure out the nutrition of what I'm eating. That's the bonus for me at this point.

Hubby had planned to do some barbecuing smoking of a brisket and he was going to be stuck at home all day. Smoking/barbecuing meat (in the true sense) is a long process. Because of this, I was going to be the food runner for the day. Fine by me.

One of Husband's craving for the week was to enjoy a cheddar sausage roll for breakfast. He also likes cooking things himself. So he had already picked up a package of cheddar sausage and french bread to make his own sausage rolls. OMG - they were so good.

Then, we started working on the yard. Please understand that not just our front yard, but our back yard is very big. Our front yard is about 2250 sq feet. The back yard is close in size. I mowed and because the back yard had been neglected for an extra week, I had to mow it twice. We moved the dog pen, we cleaned up trash. A lot work sweaty work was done.

I decided that I needed a break and some lunch. So I ordered myself a pepperoni calzone and got Husband some food from Arby's. But since I was at Arby's and my calzone hadn't arrived yet, I also got myself an order of curly fries.

Between the curly fries and the 4 slices of calzone I ate - I felt STUFFED. And a little sick.

Later, we mowed the front yard (Husband edges and weedeats) and I was just done after that. LOL Just done.

Husband had wanted to experiment with some mixed drinks, so once we knew we were in for the day and wouldn't be driving anymore he made us something. First we tried this Frozen Pink Lemonade (alcoholic) - YUM. Then he mixed me up a Blue Lagoon or something like that. It was good too.

But, then about an hour later - my guts were hurting so bad! Boy, was my body not happy with what I was eating/drinking today. That's good to remember.

Overall - a pretty nice day off!

Weight: 269.8 (Total weekly loss of 1.4 lbs)
  • Neck - 15.5
  • Arms - 16
  • Wrist - 6.5
  • Chest - 41.5
  • Upper Waist (spare tire) - 53
  • Waist (belly button) - 48
  • Hips - 57.5
  • Thigh - 30.5
  • Calf - 18
Total Loss overall since 06/1/13: 1.5 inches
Workout: 2 hours of heavy yard work/push mowing
Water: 8 glasses
Supplements: EvoLean (3), Censor (4), Daily Vitamin (2)
Food (Cheat Day)
  • Cheddar Sausage Roll (2)
  • Skim Milk 16 oz
  • Pepperoni Calzone (Mazzio's), Ranch Dip
  • Frozen Pink Lemonade Alcohol Drink

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