Thursday, June 6, 2013

So Happy It's Thursday

Ahhh. It's S.H.I.T. day. ;-) So Happy It's Thursday.

So, after hubby's revelation that he's down a whopping 30 lbs left me feeling a little blue. I am so happy for him. At the same time, I am so envious of him too. I have worked through eating better a few weeks before he started. Plus, I've been working out the past few weeks and he has yet to start. 

Grumble. Grumble. 

And yes, I am perfectly aware that men have an easier time losing weight, blah blah blah. Hearing that does not make me feel better. Sorry, it just doesn't. 

Right now, not only is my husband speeding down the weight loss track, he is so much closer to his goal weight, PLUS he is about 28 lbs LIGHTER than me right now anyway!

Believe me, that is the worst part of all. That I am so much heavier than my husband. 

My worst fear, being heavier than my husband.

Maybe this dilemma will help fuel my motivation to keep up with this new plan this time. Maybe. I feel like my body needs some serious adjusting to be able to start really burning up some fat stores. My metabolism is probably severely out of whack. I've really been pondering lately about the puzzle pieces I need to figure out in order to burn through all this extra weight. 

Which then leads me to protein shakes. 

I've heard of Whey Protein powder to use for shakes, particularly as a great after workout recovery drink. But I always thought they were more for super athletes or people working out all day long. Not me. But through some of the research I've been trying to compile, it may be something I should seriously consider. My morning slim fast shake is already higher in protein than it's regular version and I do know the true benefits of protein for my body. Could this be the puzzle piece I am missing?

We shall see. I plan to get the Biggest Loser Whey Protein (by Designer Whey) found at GNC - and try this. I like that it is low calorie, since sometimes people complain about the high caloric content of most whey powders. This may be why beginning weight loss people don't jump into the protein powder at first. I want to try the chocolate version and go from there. Once I start the week with this new add in, I will blog about it and my progress. 

I'm still taking my new supplements (in fact, it's only the 2nd day!), so I'm really hoping they also do some major good. Maybe all these little changes will be the key to my weight loss for the final time.

Not to mention - we are working on opening the pool! I am SO excited! I already have my ideas on water aerobic exercises and hope to get out in the pool almost every day to work out. YAY! (bonus is that it is our own pool and very private).

Water: 10 glasses
Workout: Cleaning the pool work - 45 minutes
Supplements: EvoLean (3), Censor (4), Daily Vitamin (2)
  • Breakfast - Slim Fast Shake - 4 pts
  • Lunch -  - Frito Burritos (2) - 9 pts
  • Dinner -  - Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes - 10 pts
  • Snacks - Rice Cakes (4), Brownie, Skim Milk (8 oz) - 7 pts
Total pts: 30

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