Friday, June 7, 2013

Rocked a Morning Walk!


That is today's motto. And boy, did I seize it!

I walked 3.39 miles. Yes, that's right. 3.39 miles, which is actually further than a 5K!

I really rocked a workout. And I felt the endorphin rush afterwards which gave me some good vibes despite my scale scowling this morning. Besides, who knows what my inches will show??? One can only hope.

But, I do wonder.

Have I hit a plateau? Already, with not even 20 lbs lost???

I realize that my official weigh-in isn't until tomorrow and I'm also telling myself to stop being so negative and pessimistic. But, sheesh. It can be very disheartening. On the other hand, seeing that number on the scale didn't prevent me from exercising today, in fact, in may have pushed me to do the entire 3.39 miles!

So, I've got to remember the famous saying:

Well, maybe not 'swimming' per se. But basically I've got to just keep going. Keep Moving. Keep motivated. This work will pay off for me one day.

But, I am also considering that my metabolism may be very screwed up. That I may only see 1 or 2 lbs lost each week, while (hopefully) my inches continue a steady decline. Then BAM - I start burning like a mad woman.

Is it a muscle thing? Is that why the "lbs" aren't dropping?

I am really going to try to focus on strength training and exercising properly. I very much hope that my hard work will pay off and that all this fat is just waiting to be burned up, but first I have to create the right foundation. Geez this is frustrating, however I just have to 'keep swimming'.

Water: 10 glasses
Workout: 3.39 mile walk - 66 minutes, Bicep Curls - 3 set: 10 reps, Triceps - 2 set: 10 reps, Lateral Raises - 2 set: 10 reps
Supplements: EvoLean (3), Censor (4), Daily Vitamin (2)
  • Breakfast - Slim Fast Shake - 4 pts
  • Lunch - Frito Burritos (3) - 12 pts
  • Dinner - PB&J, FF Pringles, Skim Milk (8 oz) - 11 pts
Total pts: 27

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